Understanding the Types of Leather used for Crafts

Bag / 28 September, 2019

Understanding the Types of Leather used for Crafts

Understanding the Types of Leather used for Crafts

Understanding the Types of Leather used for Crafts By means of tanning skin that is not for a moment, now the skin has been divided into several types. If you are curious about tanning, you can read our post about the method of tanning sheep.

Products or crafts made from animal skins are certainly not timeless. Ranging from wallets, jackets, shoes, bags, belts and various other products. Do you understand if this animal skin has a lot of appearance? We want to observe what are the types of leather for crafts that are generally used by craftsmen.

In ancient times, the fauna’s skin had indeed been widely used as equipment to prevent themselves and to warm the body most important from extreme weather attacks that are not friends. Material from the fauna skin is more widely used to make a leather jacket that acts like a body warmer, also used to make shoes like a foot guard.

One of the animals that are often used for making leather is jawi and sheep. This animal skin is one of the best materials for processed products

some kind of fashion or other craft. Even so such other animal skins can also be used for crafts. Leather-based knick knacks do indeed have a certain value for their owners.

Types of Leather for Crafts

Leather types for crafts

1. Nappa

This type of skin is leather made from sheep skin and young buffalo skin. Nappa means smooth, meaning that this type of skin does have a greater tenderness compared to other types of skin. Generally this skin complexion is brownish beige. This nappa skin is smoother than buffalo skin or aged sheep.

The advantages of this skin type is more shiny when compared with other skin types. But behind the softness of the skin in fact this skin is more easily cracked and damaged. Especially when staining using blush that is not good. This kind of nappa character produces this leather more often used for coating components in leather shoes.

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This type of leather is not very often used as an important material in the manufacture of safety shoes, shoes that are specially designed to prevent feet in a perfect way, these shoes are generally worn by miners, contractors and other square workers. Why not use it. Because the character of this skin is easily damaged and cracked

2. Crazy Horse

The purpose of crazy horse is not really crazy, but a type of leather material that has a varied style with vintage opinion but has a natural composition. This skin type when we reach it seems to be becoming clearer than before. Often it’s about a little oily, but the skin feels smooth and looks natural.

Which is but this type of skin is the presence of the application of wax on the smooth surface of the skin. With the presence of this wax to strengthen skin fibers that can make the skin change color and not suddenly come back when slipped. This skin is easy to slip but the note can be removed by rubbing your hands on the skin.

The characteristic that is very visible from the type of crazy horse is as follows:

The composition of the skin is smooth and smooth

When you hold the skin you want to feel the elastic skin flat

It smells pretty typical and seems strong

The complexion of skin appears uneven

When you hold the component behind the skin it feels kind of roughly hairy

Skin pores appear not to be comprehensive but can be clearly seen

This skin is easy to slip on, but it’s also easy to remove just by brushing it with your hands

This type is very close to the pull up type skin

When the skin is burned to the point of producing a characteristic odor such as when hair is burned. Instead the ashes would be damaged and become powder

If we bend it or we bend 90 parts until it wants to look natural folds.

This crazy horse skin is finished by using special paraffin which is facing processing with high pressure and high temperature