Optimize Your Performance with Only a Capital of Gloves

Fashion / 6 May, 2020

Optimize Your Performance with Only a Capital of Gloves

Optimize Your Performance with Only a Capital of Gloves

Does not feel the Clean Month of Ramadan living divides the day again. One of the special characteristics when Ramadan is tarawih prayer which is tried in congregation. Well, a sarong is an equipment that can’t be missed.

Generally a sarong is worn by men even though there may be women who also wear gloves. Even though wearing gloves, there are guidelines so that you can optimize your performance throughout the month of Ramadan.

Material selection and color of the sarong

Sorting the right sarong is about the beginning so that your style is always maximum when worshiping. It is related to you like what shape and color of sarong. Nowadays, there are many sarongs with various colors and patterns that you can select.

If you like black patterns, you can sort the sarong with brown, gray or dark patterns. Even if you want to wear a clear patterned glove you can sort yellow or orange patterns. Not only the color, choose a glove that has material that makes you safe when used, cotton and silk for example.

Combine with koko clothes

To make it look maximum when worshiping, you can combine a sarong with an optional koko outfit. You can sort the white-patterned koko clothes to be the leader for the sarong that you selected. Not only that, you also combine it with short-sleeved or long-sleeved koko clothing. Remember, everything is related to your desires.

Even though you want to wear another style of koko clothing, beige or dark, you settle in a selection of sarong patterns to match that outfit.


There is no harm in increasing equipment when the form with a holster continues to be maximum. As an illustration you can wear a watch and skullcap.

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