Get to know the Various Shapes and Types of Men’s Bags

Bag 2019 / 14 September, 2019

Get to know the Various Shapes and Types of Men's Bags

Get to know the Various Shapes and Types of Men’s Bags TOGEL313

A bag is a closed media that plays a role in placing objects when traveling, good for walking freely or traveling long distances. Material for making various bags, including plastic, fabric, leather, and so on

In the market, many forms and types of bags that can be selected in accordance with their needs. But not a kind of woman, sometimes men do not recognize globally the question of the form and type of bag used. In general, they only recognize sling bags and backpacks.

Well, then this Mancode seeks to discuss some forms and types of men’s bags that are often found and used in routines.

Cross body

Cross-body. jpg

This is a distribution form of a male sampur bag. Get to know the Kinds of Forms and Types of Majority Men’s Bags, users are young and young. For its size, frozen body categorized as a result seems trendy. There are 2 types of cross body for men, outdoor cross body movements and leather cross body.

Outdoor cross body exercise in the form of approaching the backpack, just wrote its size is smaller. This type only has one bond and is suitable for going to college or hanging out, but this bag is generally not strong in water.

Conversely, the leather cross body is counter-water and thick. There are 2 types of material from this bag, genuine leather and PU (polyurethane). This type of genuine leather is more enduring and is generally worn by famous brands. For the PU type, this material is minimal thick and the cost is quite affordable.

Messenger Bag

Messenger-Bag. jpg

Messenger bag is a favorite type for school children not just backpacks. This type was motivated from the luggage of the couriers in 1950. At first, this bag was made from sack basket material. In 1984, John Peters advocated the latest material and current form.

Satchel Bag

Satchel-Bag. jpg

If you have to bring quite a lot of things but Get to know the Kinds of Forms and Types of Bags Men want to seem trendy, a satchel bag is a suitable option. His form is close to a kind of suitcase, but this type has a deep bond. It could be impressed like a messenger bag, but different concepts. Satchel Bag seems stronger and more formal, while messenger bag is more casual.


Backpack. jpg

In Indonesia, backpacks are often pronounced backpacks. Backpack is a type of bag must be made for school children. There is a comparison of nicknames on this type of bag, related to its needs. When used with the method hung on the back, usually a backpack. But, if for reliable needs such as an army, the name will be Rusksack.

Duffle Bag

Duffle-Bag. jpg

This is a bag in the form of a cylinder. Generally these bags are made of cloth or air umbrellas which are usually used like a gym bag or traveling. Not only horizontally, there are duffel bags made in a straight position. This straight position is generally for camping or hiking.

Bucket Bag

Bucket-Bag. jpg

Saying a backpack, it’s not complete if it’s not Recognizing the Kinds of Shapes and Types of Bags Men say bucket bags. This bag is a type of backpack that does not have a strap cover in component based. The method of closing it is simply by pulling a circle around it.