Fashionable Bag On This 20 Century

Bag / 4 May, 2020

Fashionable Bag On This 20 Century

Latest Bag Trend in 2020
1. Function is not the main thing
Yes, there are a series of interesting things that affect the trend of women’s handbags this time. For example about the function of the bag itself. Now, the more various kinds of bags are used as fashion items that attract attention. So it’s not just a place to store a lot of things when traveling alone.

Whereas the mini bag or small number one bag is now used as decoration and a complement to the daily outfit aka OOTD.

2. Eye-catching colors
As already said at the beginning, the eye-catching bright colors are increasingly booming and sell well. The more so towards the middle of the year which is identical to the style of the hot period which involves bright colors and contrast.

3. Unique Shape and Design
With the exception of bright colors, the updated trend of women’s handbags in 2020 is filled with unique shapes and designs, as well as increasingly diverse bag curves.

Just try to see Dior’s output Saddle Matte Bag shaped like a part of the heart that becomes a trendsetter. As well as the fan-shaped bags that are now issued by the brands Marni, Mango, and many more.

4. Collaborative Bags
The latest trends in women’s bags 2020 predicted by many experts to involve collaboration between two brands or fashion brands with popular figures. For example Balenciaga who collaborated with Hello Kitty, Sacai X Nike, Nike X G-Dragon, and so on.

The good collaboration results can make those 2 brand or figure enthusiasts unite and support the creation of large market demand and the updated trend of women’s bags by 2020.
The Latest Women Bag Trend Category 2020
Then, what type of bag is included in the latest women’s handbag trend in 2020? Well, many people think that handbags with the addition of long slings are dominating the market.

The existence of two slings as the handle of this bag really makes it easy to use the bag, but it also doesn’t interfere with the appearance.

The number one small bag or mini bag that began to be published last year by a French brand, Jacquemus, also still hits today. Some brands produce this small bag as well.

The following is a product recommendation for the latest 2020 women’s bag trends, both from overseas and local brands.

Women’s Hand Bag (Hand Bag / Handle Bag)
Mango Oval Short Handle Bag: IDR 600,000

This is a tote bag with a distinctive shape, available in beige and black.

Byo Uni Clutch Small: Rp1.9 million

Byo is a local brand that is worldwide. The design is always unique, with attractive colors and materials. This clutch is clear yellow with fur material that is fit for storing cards, cellphones, and other small items.

Dior Saddle Matte Bag: IDR 50 million

This is a bag that goes into the latest trend of women’s handbags 2020 with a distinctive curve. Now, Dior’s Saddle Matte Bag has more diverse motives.

Women’s Sling Bag (Sling Bag)
Mango Double Strap Basket Bag: IDR 700,000

As already revealed Early on, the fan bag model is currently trending. Mango also produces bags of similar shape with the latest and minimalist appearance.

Doxology New Doxogami Zip: Rp.690,000

This sling bag produced by a local Indonesian brand has a model like a fold on the front. This form is the hallmark of the Doxology brand which is very good when used.