5 Backpack Material Making

Backpack / 3 October, 2019

5 Backpack Material Making

5 Backpack Material Making

5 Backpack Material Making There are various kinds of backpack material, and that can be used as a reference if someone is going to buy a bag. Because the nature and strength of each article can be different from one another, consumers must carefully choose as needed.

Basically, according to the design and resolution, this backpack is designed so that these people can provide a number of products. If the product is too heavy and heavy, of course you should choose a backpack with strong materials and stitches. Meanwhile, if you choose only to make a pattern or only carry a little light, then the material power factor can be ignored.

The choice of type of material in the bag industry can be driven by manufacturers for various reasons, such as budget, quality and strength factors. Lets look at some interesting information about the following materials: Backpacks:

1. Linear Material

Often satisfying because bags with materials are bags that have soft and flexible properties, but are very strong. In addition, with the impermeable layer contained in the cloth, it is also possible to prevent it from getting into the bag.

However, it is important to determine that this material consists of several types and levels of quality and price. Therefore, there are many choices. Not surprisingly, Diner has become one of the most popular handbag ingredients.

This type of material is very popular among DINER 300D, DINER 600D DIN, 1680 DIN 1682. Religious DIN 300D and 600 D are materials used to make lower and middle class bags. The Denier 300D and DINER 600D were chosen because they are relatively cheap, but the megasilcan pockets have good Milky strength.

Whereas the Diner 1680D and Denier 1682D types have better quality than the 300D Denier or 600D Dinner. The difference in material elasticity is seen. The Denier 1680D and the 1682D restaurant are more irregular and accurate compared to the 300D or 300D dinners. When you drink the bag, the bag is made from the 1680D 1682D restaurant or it will look more attractive and pleasant compared to a bag made from a 300D diner or 600D material.

2. Dolby material

Dolby is famous for its pretty good quality. But the expensive price is very expensive and expensive depending on the convection bag they prefer to use other materials. One characteristic of this Dolby bag is that it is brighter atau brighter.

Dolby is the most bermutu polyester fabric that is often used in backpacking or the gym atau gym. This type of bag has larger pores, has a wrinkle- free, thick, waterproof and tear- free texture. From the specifications above, Dolby material is one of the best materials for making bags.

3. Cordora material

Sanitation materials are also one of the most commonly remade materials. The nature of this material is air resistant( nomor air). It has high resistance to corrosion, filtering air and scratches so it is not easy to remove.

4. Ribestop baby material

Baby ribs know they have, among other things, strong, flexible, shiny fibers- like boxes with thin, waterproof and fire retardant. Therefore, nature is also a material commonly used to make adventure jacket materials for carp and air resistance.

Another advantage of this material is the choice of colors available making it a suitable choice for those World Health Organization want a bag from those World Health Organization choose items that might be just everything. Even in terms of price, a bag with baby repastop is arguably affordable.

5. Denim material

If in the past maybe many people still believe in denim specifically for making jackets and pants. Therefore, the current bag with denim material will be easily found on the market with a wide selection of models.

For example choices in terms of texture, men can choose rough textures, tight denim back, while women can choose denim with fine and smooth textures. Or according to their perseorangan tastes.