3 Note Popular Bag Brands in Indonesia

Bag / 1 May, 2020

3 Note Popular Bag Brands in Indonesia

3 Note Popular Bag Brands in Indonesia – A bag is one of the things that you girls must have. In this matter, not only acts like a place to put individual objects. Willing but a women’s bag can also play a role as an accessory that affects their performance. This is because the bag is very closely related to fashion in women. In order to look fashionable, women are definitely obliged to sort the form of a bag that is very well known among them.

In the earth, high fashion, the form of a very good bag must have originated from popular brands and has worldwide. Not without alibis, the materials were indeed planned to be made for the fashion needs of the elite. The form that was made also originated from famous fashion designers and was able to create special concepts. Not only that, various forms of branded bags must be lined with quality material that supports.

Do not be confused if the form of a bag made by the popular designer becomes a trend setter worn by celebrities of the upper residence. That trend must have entered Indonesia as a result of the spread through Internet technology. So as not to be left behind mode,

some brands or popular bag brands in Indonesia that can be used as options are like this next.

1. Burberry

This category of earth bag brand originated in London, England with a distinctive fashion identity. There is also a characteristic that is a checkered pattern known as Haymarket check. This particular characteristic especially has become a trendmark of this brand.

Not only that, another trendmark of this brand is a logo equal to the Equistrian knights accompanied by Prorsum’s speech. The trendmark also appears in every product bag output from this brand. Some of the product outputs from this brand are rucksack, bridle, and canter forms.

2. Michael Kors

This worldwide brand is one of the popular handbags like setter trends that originated in New York, American Syndicate. The brand nickname was obtained directly from the original designer who was able to be a fashion designer until it was known in all the earth.

Based on this issue, this brand has opened legitimate outlets in various countries such as Baverly Hills, Seoul, Milan, Munich, Tokyo and many more. There are also some products that have been successfully launched, including satchel bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, cross bodies, clutches, and many more. Meanwhile, the form of a bag that became very popular is a form of riley bag that is offered with various various options.

3. Chanel

Who does not understand this famous brand. Chanel is a brand that has emerged for a long time and has an influence on the fashion world. There is also a women’s initial bag product, which is a Coco chanel that is carried by the method carried on the hand.

Next came the women’s handbag fashion that had been brought up to make bags that were not only fashionable. Will but also feels safe when worn. Some of the output products consist of a classic Chanel flap bag and a boy bag Chanel. There are also various product output channels consisting of small, ordinary, new ordinary, and also large.